Koh Rong Trip 2014

Trip 2014 plan visit Koh Rong island.


  1. Trip Start : Friday 16th, May 2014
  2. Trip End :  Monday 19th, May 2014
  3. First day:
  • Bus : From[ 6:00 am Phnom Penh], To[ 12:00 pm Shihanouk ville]
  • Fairy: From[ 3:00 pm Sihanouk Ville], To[ 6:00 pm Lor Terk Trey, Koh Rong island]
  • Motor Taxi/Fairy: From[6:00pm Lor Terk Trey, Koh Rong island], To[7:00 am Bai Ngor, Koh Rong island]
  • Dinner:  [8:00pm Bai Ngor, Koh Rong island]
  • Entertainment: Pub/BBQ…

4. Second day:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch: [Bai Tav beach]
  • Dinner: [Bai Ngor beach]

Welcome Koh Rong island

Koh Rong Cambodia(Khmer: also romanized as Kaôh Rōng or Kos Rong), is the second largest island of Cambodia. Located in Koh Kong Province about 25 kilometers off the Sihanoukville’s coast in the Gulf of Thailand, the island has an area of approximately 78 kmand 43 km of beaches. Currently, there are four small villages and also home to more than a dozen guesthouses and bungalows, many of them foreign-owned.Koh Rong has had a land concession granted by the Cambodian government. The Royal Group has been granted a 99-year lease and has plans to build “Asia’s first environmentally planned resort island.”The latest season of the French “Survivor” television program Koh Lanta was filmed on Koh Rong, near Soksan village.